Institute of Oil and Gas

Svetlana B. Kolesova

Svetlana B. Kolesova, Candidate of Science (Economy), Associate Professor

1, St. Universitetskaya, campus build. 7, office 218
tel.+7(3412) 916-300

Major prority of the Institute is to promote research activity of the teaching staff and students and ensure further implementation of the research results into academic and production process. We tend to provide insistent immersion of students into field pecularities at oil and gas enterprises of the Udmurt Republic, along with intensive introduction to professional issues right from the beginning of their studies. Constant quality assurance tendency enables our highest competitiveness among applicants interested in Oil and Gas Engineering.

Development and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Deposits Sergey Yu. Borkhovitch +7(3412) 91-63-10 VII-412
Oil and Gas Wells Drilling Sergey I. Safronov +7(3412) 916-323 VII - 213
Oil and Gas Geology Victor A. Savelyev +7 (3412) 91-63-37 VII-720
Thermal Engineering Oleg A. Bartenev +7 (3412) 91-63-41 VII-703
Fundamental and Applied Research Vadim G. Mironytchev +7 (3412) 916-306, 916-324 VII-616, 313

Study programmes


21.03.01 Oil and Gas Engineering

  • Oil and Gas Well Drilling (full-time tuition; part-time tuition)
  • Exploitation and Maintenance of Oil Production Facilities (full-time tuition; part-time tuition)

13.03.01 Thermal Engineering:

  • Thermal Stations (full-time tuition; part-time tuition)

13.03.02 Electrical Engineering:

  • Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources (full-time tuition; part-time tuition)
  • Electrical Equipment and Facilities of Enterprises, Organizations and Institutions (part-time tuition)


21.05.02 Applied Geology

  • Oil and Gas Geology (full-time tuition)


21.04.01 Oil and Gas Engineering

  • Development and Exploitation of Increased and High-Viscosity Oil and Gas Fields in Complicated Geological Conditions (full-time tuition; part-time tuition)

38.04.01 Economics

  • Economics of Oil and Gas Sector

20.04.01 Technosphere Safety

  • Industrial Safety in Oil and Gas Sector

Research Focus

  • Oil and gas reservoirs construction and maintenance, including standard and specific experimental filter simulation of bed processes in their natural conditions
  • Geochemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Conditions and content of bed fluids
  • Rheological characteristics of fluids in static and dynamic thermobaric conditions
  • Construction and trials of sludge, drilling, cementing and specifically modeled slurry composition
  • Everyday and industrial environmental security
  • Incorrodible industrial materials and anticorrosion protection
  • lithologic and petrographic rocks analysis
  • Unconventional energy technologies and engineering