Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Technologies

Aleksandr A. Baranov

Aleksandr A. Baranov, Professor, Doctor of Science (Psychology)

1, Universitetskaya str., Campus bld. 6, office 114
tel.+7 (3412) 916-119, 72-86-36, 916-118

Laboratory of Computer Technologies
University Laboratory of Psychophysiology and Experimental Psychology Anton V. Fefilov
Pedagogy and Educational Psychology Tatiana F. Vostroknutova +7(3412)916-125 VI-108
Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis Sergei F. Sirotkin +7(3412)52-60-72 III-301

Study programmes:


050700 Special (Defectologic) Education
  • Speech-Language Therapy
  • Oligophrenopedagogics
  • Psychology for Special Needs
050100 Vocational Education Informatics and Computer Science
050100 Education Technology and Informatics
040400 Social Work Social Work and Social Services
050400 Psycho-Pedagogical Education Psychology and Social Pedagogy
030300 Psychology Personality Psychology
37.03.01 Psychology (Applied Psychology) Applied Psychology
034000 Conflict Management Applied Conflict Management


030401 Clinical Psychology
Clinical-and-Psychological Help to a Child in a Family
Mode and Duration of Study: full-time — 5.5 years


040400 SOCIAL WORK Social Work with Different Population Groups E-mail:
030320 PSYCHOLOGY Personality Psychology E-mail:
030300 PSYCHOLOGY Социальная психология E-mail:
030300 PSYCHOLOGY Social Psychology of Management E-mail:
040300 CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Applied Conflict Management E-mail:
050100 EDUCATION Innovative Education E-mail:
051000 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Innovative Vocational Education E-mail:
37.04.01 PSYCHOLOGY Psychological Support, Correctional and Counseling/Consulting Psychology E-mail:
44.04.03 SPECIAL (DEFECTOLOGIC) EDUCATION Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Individuals with Special Needs E-mail:

Research Focus

  • Axiological modeling of innovative education in non-stationary cultural and technological environment. Supervised by: Prof. V.P. Ovechkin and A.E. Prichinin (13.00.01, 13.00.08)
  • Development of the model of common cultural space in the polyethnic region. Supervised by Prof. Vera Yu. Khotinets (19.00.01, 13.00.01)
  • Psycho-pedagogical and social security of the individual. Supervised by Prof. Aleksandr A. Baranov (19.00.07, 19.00.01, 13.00.01)
  • Ontology of social behavior. Supervised by Prof. Nikolai I. Leonov (19.00.05)
  • Destructiveness of a person: metapsychological and clinical aspects. Supervised by Sergei F. Sirotkin (19.00.04, 19.00.01).

Research and Education Center

Center for Socio-Psychological and Humanitarian-Educational Technologies develops social technologies that forecast and anticipate risks of inter-ethnic tension in order to form a stable socio-cultural environment of the Russian multicultural region.

Supervised by Prof. Vera Yu. Khotinets

Technologies and Services

**Small Innovative Enterprise Psychodiagnostics of Abilities of Personal and Professional Development (**supervised by K.R. Sidorov) provides diagnostic and consulting assistance to the broad segments of the population: students, workers and employees of different companies, enterprises, organizations, municipal structures, etc.