Degree programmes

Udmurt State University offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programmes in a wide variety of study fields. The language of instruction is Russian.*

Undergraduate programmes (Level 1)

Bachelor s degree programmes provide general training and comprise 8 semesters (240 credits) leading to a Bachelor's degree. The duration of studies is 4 years.

Graduate programmes (Level 2)

Master s degree programmes are accessible for bachelor degree holders. Studies at master programs are more research-oriented and comprise 4 semesters (120 credits) leading to a Master’s degree. The duration of studies is 2 years.

Specialis st degree programmes provide both general education and in-depth professional training within the chosen study areas leading to a Specialist's degree. The duration of the programme is 5 years or 6 years (in some fields).

Postgraduate programmes (Level 3)

Doctoral programmes are accessible for graduates of Master’s degree or Specialist’s Degree programmes. The duration of the programme is 3 years (full-time) or 4 years (part-time). Upon successful completion of studies Candidate of Sciences degree is awarded.

*International applicants without prior knowledge of Russian should apply for Pre-university studies or a Russian as a foreign language programme provided by the UdSU Center for International Education.

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