Double degree programmes

Udmurt State University in cooperation with University of Granada (Spain) has developed a double degree programme in Applied Philology. The programme has been offered since 2011-2012 academic year and is aimed at bachelor students of the partner universities.

The double degree program allows UdSU and UGR students to earn two university degrees. Under the programme students spend the first two years of their studies at the Home universities, acquiring core knowledge and skills. As the program requires the attendance of a whole academic year abroad, the third year of studies is spent in the Host universities. the final year is completed at the home universities.

Why choose a Double Degree programme?

  • to explore a new cultural, social and academic environment;
  • to challenge yourself academically;
  • to complete a double degree in a shorter time than two separate degrees, saving your time and money;
  • to graduate with a competitive advantage, with a broader range of skills and knowledge;
  • to enhance your professional career opportunities through acquiring two diplomas at once.

To apply for the programme, we advise UGR students to contact the coordinator at University of Granada.