English Taught Programmes

English Taught Programmes


Udmurt State University offers international students a non-degree programme in English “Russian and Regional Studies”. The programme duration is 1 semester (only in the autumn term).

The programme “Russian and Regional Studies” is for those who:

  • are looking for something different from a standard degree program;
  • need practical skills or professional contacts more than an educational credential;
  • prefer to gain authentic and "first-hand experience" that allows them to travel or work outside the university environment;
  • are interested in studying in Russia but are not confident in their Russian language fluency.
If any of these circumstances describes your situation, you might want to consider this non-degree option at UdSU:
Program duration September 1, 2019 - December 20, 2019
Language of instruction ENGLISH
Number of students in a group 3 - 9
Target students bilateral exchange students; self-sponsored international students (“free movers”, Russian language learners)
Tuition fee 20 000 RUR*
Application deadline June 30, 2019

*Please note that the courses in English within the non-degree programme are free only for bilateral exchange students.

Participants of the UdSU Russian as a foreign language programmes can choose any courses from the list of the PDFRussian and Regional Studies programme. Please mind that the programme courses are subject to changes.

Through a range of courses this unique programme covers various subject areas (history, geography, literature, politics, legal system, culture, sociology, ethnography) related to Russia in general and of one of its regions – Udmurt Republic. In addition, students are able to develop their language skills in Russian. At lectures, seminars, tutorials, study visits to museums, videoclub sessions, Russia is considered through its multiculturalism and multilingualism. Applicants can choose either to study all the modules or in parts but all the applicants have to choose a course of the Russian language. Bilateral exchange students can integrate the courses of the programme into their study programme at the Host Institute.

For further information, please, contact us:
by e-mail inec@udsu.ru
by tel. +7 (3412) 916-181