Summer Schools

UdSU Summer Schools are annual academic events traditionally organized by Udmurt State University, one of the leading Universities of Udmurt Republic, Russia.

Many years of experience enabled the University to provide a unique chance for people involved in social, cultural, or linguistic studies to combine their professional improvement of the area. Academic programmes of UdSU Summer Schools 2017 cover multidisciplinary issues with regard to Finno-Ugric studies, linguistics, ethnic tolerance and cross-cultural education.

Integrated practical training and cocial activities are aimed at demonstrating cultural peculiarities, living conditions, lifestyles of the major ethnic groups represented in Udmurt Republic: Udmurts, Russians and Tatars.

Summer School of Russian Language and Culture 2017:

Target Group: People interested in practicing Russian language skills with native speakers out of the classroom and getting acquainted with culture and everyday life of Russia.

Key Concept: Russian Language and Culture

Document Pursued: Transcipt of Credits


Tuition Fee: €470

Summer School of the Udmurt Language 2017:

Target Group: People looking for new cross-cultural experience and linguistic prospective through immersion into unique multinational social pattern.

Key Concept: Finno-Ugric Ethnos (language, culture, history, beliefs, modern environment)

Document Pursued: Transcipt of Credits


Tuition Fee: ≈ €330

Summer School of Russian plus Oil and Gas Engineering 2017:

Target Group: International students planning their further studies in Russia and future career in Oil and Gas industry.

Key Concept: Russian Language, basics of Oil and Gas Engineering

Document Pursued: Transcipt of Credits


Tuition Fee: €470

Application Deadline:

June 01, 2017 (EU citizens)

May 15, 2017 (Non EU citizens)

Duration: July, 2017

Accommodation fee: Approx. €35