Summer School of the Udmurt Language 2017

Finno-Ugric Studies: Trip to Finno-Ugria: Language and verbal culture of the Udmurts

Summer School of the Udmurt Language 2017

Summer Udmurt language course has been held since 2001. Participants from many European countries (Hungary, Finland, Germany etc.) as well as from the USA and Japan used to come to Udmurtia to learn Udmurt language and to get acquainted with the culture of the Udmurts. There are also a lot of participants from other regions of Russia alongside with foreign listeners.

The course programme is flexible including beginners level and intermediate level. Teachers with great experience of work with foreign students and deep knowledge of several foreign languages who used to learn languages abroad are invited for this course. Practical course of Udmurt language comprises 56 teaching hours both for beginners and intermediate learners.

In the frames of course programme lectures on Folklore and Literature of the Udmurt people are delivered to the listeners in English language (in total 10 teaching hours). Different ways of teaching are used during the course. Students have an opportunity to visit different museums, exhibition, publishing houses of the Udmurt newspaper and magazine, towns of Udmurtia. They also can meet with outstanding representatives of Udmurt people, take part in national festivals, which are held during the course period. Real professionals, masters of arts and crafts organise master-classes (24 teaching hours in total) on different kinds of art weaving, embroidering, beekeeping, making ceramics, cooking dishes of national cuisine. Students are also taught national dances, they learn Udmurt songs and have a chance to play national musical instruments.

At weekends, after hard work in the classroom, foreign students together with Udmurt students go to the village and stay in Udmurt students' families. It gives foreign students a chance to use their Udmurt language knowledge in practice and to see and feel modern Udmurt culture from its inside. At weekends students also attend National culture centers where they can take part in different national rituals and wear national costumes.

Place of holding: Udmurt State University (city of Izhevsk , Russia)

Duration: 10.07.17 — 31.07.17

Target Group: People from all over the world excited to acquire new cross-cultural experience and extend their linguistic prospective through immersion into unique multinational social pattern

Key Concepts: The Udmurts, the Finno-Ugric people Ethnos, history, traditions, beliefs, modern cultural environment

Language of instruction: English, Udmurt, Russian, Finnish, Hungarian

Number of students: 10–15 (min-max)

Academics: 4 ECTS Credits

Course Fee: 20 000 RUR (≈ 285 €) (tuition fee, breakfast, lunch)
2800* RUR (≈ 40 €) (cultural programme)
2100* RUR (≈ 30 €) (accommodation fee)

*might be changed

Travel to Izhevsk and back, dinner are not included

Summer school of the Udmurt Language Programme 2017

Application: filled out «Trip to Finno-Ugria» Application copy of international passport

Application Deadline: EU citizens: May 30, 2017
Non EU citizens: May 15, 2017

Contact: Dmitry Efremov
phone + 7(3412) 916–170, (3412) 916–166

Institute of Udmurt Philology, Finno-Ugric Studies and Journalism
1, ul. Universitetskaya
426034 Izhevsk
Udmurt Republic

Download: DOCApplication form (Summer School of the Udmurt Language 2017)

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