Udmurt State University accomodates its students (if needed) in 5 university dormitories. Currently, our international students are provided with the accommodation in two students' dormitories:

Dormitory for international students

Location: Udmurtskaya str., 226

It occupies the first floor of a five stored building of Dormitory #1 and offers comfortable fully furnished double rooms, community kitchen, shower rooms and toilets. There is also a free self-service laundry facility and a comfortable study room.

Dormitory 1 Dormitory 2 Dormitory 3

Dormitory #5

Location: Krasnogeroiskaya str., 52

It is a new dormitory where international students and Russian students live together. There are 2 convenient kitchens on each floor in the dormitory equipped with:

  • kitchen utensils
  • electric cookers
  • electric kettles
  • a microwave oven
  • dining tables

The kitchen is provided only for the registered students. Residents are supposed to leave the kitchen tidy and clean after cooking and having meals.

Students’ bedrooms are generally arranged on the basis of double occupancy. Each room is equipped with the following items:

  • a study desk
  • 2 wardrobes
  • 2 bedside cabinets
  • 2 single beds with storage underneath
  • 2 blankets and 2 pillows
  • bed linen and towels for each student
  • a fridge

Everything provided in the room belongs to the university, and compensation shall be imposed if damages and loss occur. Rooms are provided only for the registered students, and no one else is allowed to stay overnight in the room.

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