Application Procedure


Step 1. Choose a study programme

IMPORTANT! Make sure that the level of your Russian language competence is sufficient for degree studies.

Step 2. Prepare your application package

At the initial stage of application, when you are not in Russia yet, please submit the following documents by e-mail:

  • PDFApplication form
  • copies of your passport (or other ID accepted in the Russian Federation) and its notarized translation into Russian;
  • copies of your certificates of completed full secondary or higher education with transcript of records and their notarized translations into Russian.

To apply for a Bachelor or Specialist Degree program a secondary school certificate is required. To apply for a Master Degree program a higher education diploma is submitted.

Step 3. Undergo competitive selection

All international applicants are required to take entrance exams (in writing or orally) except for those recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The admission is gained if the applicant passes the exams successfully. To apply for a bachelor degree program applicants take tests of the Russian and English languages. To apply for a master degree program applicants take a complex examination in the major study field and/or an interview. IMPORTANT! To be admitted to the Institute of Physical Training and Sports, Institute of Arts and Design, Institute of Udmurt Philology, Finno-Ugric Studies and Journalism additional admission testing is held.

Step 4. Get an invitation and apply for a student visa

A visa must be obtained before arrival in Russia. International applicants should study the requirements of the Russian Embassy/Russian Consulate at the web-site of the Russian Embassy/Russian Consulate in their countries and start compiling documents for a STUDY VISA application as soon as possible (diplomatic and consular missions of Russia in your country:

Mind that even though the mobility period is 10 months, a student will be issued first a single entry visa for 90 days. Upon expiry of the single entry visa students will have to apply for a visa extension here in Izhevsk. To apply for a visa international students also need an Invitation Letter from the Host University. Invitations are issued by the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia (GAMI) upon submission of all the required documents by the host organisation. The Host University applies for FMS invitations upon submission of the application form and all the required documents by the international visitor (see step 2). The procedure takes minimum 20 days since the submission of the documents to the GAMI.

More information on the student visa application procedure is available here.

IMPORTANT! When you obtain a visa, please send a scanned copy of it to

Step 5. Submit originals of documents

At the second stage (after your arrival in Russia), you need to bring the originals of the documents to the UdSU Admissions Committee. Make sure that your diplomas and transcripts are legalized prior to your arrival. Each copy or original document should carry a seal of your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently certified by Russian consular officials. Check out the website of Russian Consular authorities in your country of residence for details.

Learn more about legalisation of diplomas

IMPORTANT! Before submitting the application package to the Admissions Committee you should attend the International and Public Relations Office located in campus building #2, office 128 (phone +7 (3412) 916 181) for identification check and for obtaining an admission permit note.