IzhMUN 2019: Summing Up

The X IzhMUN finished its work on November 30. 167 delegators and members of the Secretariat took part in the event. Security Council was discussing nuclear program of Iran, General Assembly focused on restitution of cultural heritage to countries of origin, Council for Human Rights tried to attain gender equality and expansion of women’s rights, and UNESCO’s agenda was on obstacles to the youth potential realization in the modern world.

The IzhMUN experts were professors of the UdSU Institute of History and Sociology A.L.Kolzina, V.V. Pushkaryova and N.Yu.Starkova.

STV (Students Television) of UdSU and STRBC “Moya Udmurtia” (My Udmurtia) provided publicity for the event.

Along with the students of the Institute of History and Sociology among the participants were also students of other UdSU institutes, such as:

  • Institute of Language and Literature (7 students);
  • Institute of Law, Social Management and Security (5 students);
  • Institute of Economics and Management (2 students);
  • Institute of Udmurt Philology, Finno-Ugric Studies and Journalism (1 student);
  • Institute of Mathematics, Information Technologies and Physics (1 student);
  • Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Technologies (1 student);
  • UdSU Center of International Education (2 students).

Generally among the participants were representatives of 8 countries (Russia, Ghana, Egypt, Iraq, Spain, Columbia, Tadjikistan, and Uzbekistan), including 14 international students.

Also 13 participants from other Russian universities took part in the event:

  • National Research University “Higher School of Economics”;
  • St. Petersburg State University;
  • Kazan State University;
  • Perm State National Research University;
  • Saratov National State Research University;
  • Tula Constituent of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration;
  • Izhevsk Constituent of Russian National State Law University.

Along with the universities’ students, schoolchildren of the Perm Lyceum #2 and Izhevsk School #40.

After 4 days of work and discussions, 12 draft projects of resolutions were offered. Resolutions of General Assembly, Council for Human Rights, and UNESCO were accepted, but the members of Security Council didn’t manage to reach the agreement.

As a result, The Best of Delegators in two nominations were chosen:

Constructive Delegator:

  • General Assembly – Ilya Fomitchyov (Tula, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration);
  • Security Council – Damir Vafin ( Kazan State University);
  • Council for Human Rights – Mariia Kamasheva (Izhevsk, the UdSU Institute of History and Sociology);
  • UNESCO – Fawzy Amr (Egypt, UdSU).

Charismatic Delegator:

  • General Assembly – Fyodor Luzhbin (Izhevsk, the UdSU Institute of History and Sociology);
  • Security Council – Anton Zamulko (St. Petersburg State University);
  • Council for Human Rights – Ekaterina Matviiva (Izhevsk, the UdSU Institute of History and Sociology);
  • UNESCO – Anzhelika Fadeeva (Perm State National Research University).

The participants were awarded with certificates, letters of appreciation, IzhMUN t-shirts and sweatshirts, cups and prizes.

The event gave the participants new experience, knowledge, and new friends!

The winter started with IzhMUN again!

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