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Welcome to Udmurt State University!

Ректор УдГУ Г.В.Мерзлякова

UdSU is the oldest multidisciplinary higher educational institution of the Udmurt Republic. For over 80 years of its history UdSU has been celebrating the reputation of scientific, educational and cultural center of the region.

With a strong focus on internationalization and aiming to integrate into European and worldwide education areas, UdSU has been in cooperation with various universities and organizations in the CIS, Europe, Asia and America under many international partnership agreements. Every year we welcome students and scholars from all over the world that study and conduct research at UdSU and enjoy getting to know the university, the Republic, the city of Izhevsk and its people.

I am strongly convinced that our major objective is to preserve and strengthen friendship between the people of various nationalities that live and study in our Republic.

This web-site aims to give you an insight into our university through an overview of our activities and achievements and seeks to represent the uniqueness of the campus.

Warmest greetings and enjoy your stay at UdSU!

Rector, Professor
Galina V. Merzlyakova

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Delegation from Granada University visited the UdSU Conference in November

Delegation from Granada University, represented by a professor, Vice-rector for Internationalization Dorothy Kelly and a professor, Dean of the Translation Faculty Enrique Quero Gervilla took part in the III International Conference: «International Cooperation: integration of education areas», held on 17–18 November as part of the UdSU 85th anniversary events.

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Summer School of Russian Language and Culture
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