Admission launch 2019!

We sincerely congratulate all high-school and Universities graduates with all the exams passed and are happy to announce the admission campaign 2019, starting on June 20.

Tomorrow you can already submit your documents to apply for undergraduate and graduate level programmes. The campaign will take place up to August 7.

European Experience and Scientific Achievements: Results of Jean Monnet Module Implementation at UdSU

The year 2019 is the final year of the three-year Grant Program Jean Monnet Module under Erasmus + that has been implemented at Udmurt State University by a group of UdSU professors. The project group is led by Doctorof Philosophy, Professor of the Department of History, Theory and Practice of Social Communications Ildar A. Latypov.

The achievements of the project were presented at the All-Russian Scientific Conference “European and Domestic Experience of Innovative Culture and Intellectual Property Relations: communicative aspects” held at UdSU on June 14-15, 2019. The major discussion topics included European and local experience in the formation of an innovative culture: 1) communicative aspects, 2)European and local experience in the study of intellectual property in communication, 3) Communicative culture in the multilingual reality in the EU and Russia, 4) Innovative mass media in the European Union and Russia: the role and functions.