Application Package for Incoming Exchange Students

The Application Package consists of:

  1. Scanned Application form (with your photo and signature)
    You can fill in your application form ONLY at IIAS online portal!

  2. Copy of a two-page opening with a photo of the travel passport
    Mind that the passport must be valid for 18 months from the expected date of receiving an Invitation from UdSU!

  3. Transcript of Records. This document must be a scanned version of the printed list of all courses you have taken to date at your home university and the grades you have received. The document can be presented in English or Russian and must be stamped and signed by officials at your home university.
    Please download the forms of the following two documents and fill them in accordingly in electronic form (not in handwriting):

  4. DOCLearning agreement Once you filled in the form on computer, please print it out, have it signed by the Program Coordinator at your university and stamped by your university, then scan for uploading in your Personal Account at IIAS online portal.

  5. DOCRussian Language Assessment form_Eng IMPORTANT: Russian Language Assessment describes Russian Language skills and competences acquired in the course of life and career but not necessarily covered by formal certificates and diplomas. In other words, this document should give a complete picture of your Russian Language skills and competences.
    It is very important to verify that all the information provided is correct.

  6. DOCXConsent to personal data processing Scanned copy of Consent to personal data processing (bearing applicant's signature, full name and date)

It is at discretion of UdSU exchange coordinators to require the submission of any additional documents with the application.

Please mind the application deadlines! Online portal will be available only in the stated periods:

Fall semester/Full academic year: April 01 - May 15

Spring semester: September 01 - October 15

Please note that late applications will not be considered!

For further information, please, contact us:

by e-mail:
by tel +7 (3412) 917–358