Institute of Natural Sciences

Aleksey Kashin

Dean’s office

Location: 1, Universitetskaya str., Campus bld. 1, office 327
Director (Dean): Aleksey Kashin, Assosiate Professor, Candidate of Science (Geography)
Tel.: +7(3412) 91-64-32

Bachelor and Master degree programmes offered by the Institute cover major fields of the Natural Sciences. The obtained degrees allow their holders to be employed as chemists,cartographers, biologists, geographers, environmentalists, biotechnologists. Teaching methods and technologies combinefundamental knowledge of Earth sciences and applied research, extensive general training and narrow specialization in certain subject areas, lectures and practical workshops including filed missions.

The Institute has developed perspective scientific directions in biology, ecology, chemistry, geography and cartography. The priority research areas in ecology are environmental management, in biology - neurobiology, psychophysiology, adaptation physiology, immunology, biotechnology, in chemistry - chemistry of complex compounds, electrochemistry and corrosion of metals, in geography and cartography - study of modern exogenous and landscape-forming processes, the geographical basis for the formation of a network of specially protected natural territories, assessment of the resource potential of territories, territorial planning, environmental and electronic mapping, development of GIS (geographic information system), etc.


  • Physiology, Cell Biology and Biotechnology
  • Physiology, Zoology and Bioecology
  • Geodesy and Geoinformatics
  • Immunology and Cell Biology
  • Physical and Human Geography
  • Fundamental and Applied Chemistry
  • Ecology and Natural Resources Management