Over 100 UdSU students, graduates, academic and administrative staff have benefited from the PDFTRIPLE I (Integration, Interaction and Institutions) and AURORA (Towards Modern and Innovative Higher Education) projects within the financed by the European Union ERASMUS MUNDUS programmes. The projects, implemented between 2008-2016, have greatly contributed to the increase of the incoming and outgoing academic mobilities of students and staff.

The mobilities between partner universities have resulted in:

  • promotion of universities in Europe/Russia that increased the interest among students and staff of partner universities;
  • establishment of professional contacts which helps to set up or strengthen cooperation between the universities and facilitate joint projects in the sphere of education and research;
  • development of new courses (including those that are taught in foreign languages) or updating the existing ones based on the material and experience gained during the mobilities;
  • improvement of teaching methods at home universities (multiplying effect for non-mobile students), increased internationalization at home;
  • publications (including joint publications) on the mobility results are either arranged, planned or are being prepared;
  • improvement of language skills that contributes to the development of the internationalized environment of the universities;
  • enhancement of the academic mobility management through the international officer mobilities;
  • improvement of services for international students (introduction of tutoring and buddy systems, information materials preparation and dissemination etc), development of marketing tools and strategies;
  • support and promotion of indigenous languages and cultures.