Institute of Arts and Design

Marina V. Botya

Marina V. Botya, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (Pedagogy)

1, Universitetskaya str., Campus bld. 6, office 224
tel. +7(3412)916-100, 916-105

The Institute of Arts and Design is an educational and research platform that provides higher professional and postgraduate training in such fields as education, culture, polygraphy, architecture, design, TV-advertisement design, choreography, theater directing and others. It contributes to artistic and aesthetic potential of education at the Udmurt State University.

The mission of the institute is to organize an educational process in such way so that every department functions an educational, creative and research center.

Decorative and Applied Arts and Folk Crafts Valery I. Bykovsky +7 (3412) 916-110 VI - 218
Musical Arts Zinaida M. Razenkova III - 314
Drawing and Sculpture Viktor M. Ovchinnikov +7 (3412) 916-108 VI - 130
Painting Sergei A. Orlov +7 (3412) 661-490 VI-222
History of Art and Art Education Modeling Nadezhda A. Nikolaeva +7 (3412) 916-096 VI - 211
Computer Technologies Marina V. Botya +7 (3412) 916-098 VI - 413
Design Vladimir A. Umniashkin +7 (3412) 916-097 VI - 414
Training and Education Art Galleryof the Institute of Arts and Design Larisa V. Kilina +7 (3412) 916-109 VI - 510

Study programmes


  • Teacher Education. Fine Arts
  • Folk Art Culture
  • Design
  • Costume and Textile Arts
  • Musical Arts


Monumental and Decorative Art


  • 072500 Design (Art Project Basics of Design and Applied Arts)
  • 072500 Design (Modern Technologies in Design and Engineering)
  • 44.04.26 Teacher Education (Teaching Art: Theory and Practice)

Research Focus

  • Theory and History of Art. Comprehensive Study of Sign Symbols in Culture and Art.
  • Fine Arts. Decorative and Applied Arts. Architecture. General Theory of Creative Processes. Scientific Support of Art Education.

Costume Design Lab

Head of Lab: Nadezhda D. Zavrazhnykh, Member of the Union of Designers of Russia

"Fashion Lab" was established at the Udmurt State University with the support of the Regional Technopark in 2004. In 2014 it became a Costume Design Lab.

The lab aims to provide students with practical skills of designing season's and commercial collections with good prospects that include various product line groups. Students can prove themselves as stylists and designeres by creating a well-rounded image. Students acquire practical knowledge and experience in the lab that help them develop their creative thinking and creativity and become a professionals in the future who are confident about the work they do and the creative process.

Research activity of the lab involves:

  • study of innovative technologies and techniques for designing costumes,
  • organization of scientific conferences, local, regional, national and international contests,
  • development of research methods.