Institute of Physical Training and Sports

Alexander A. Alabuzhev

Alexander A. Alabuzhev, Candidate of Science (Pedagogy), Associate Professor

1, St. Universitetskaya, campus build. 7, office 218

Physical training and sports are the best ways to bring up healthy generation, both physically and morally. We train experts, who promote and implement this approach on each level of education.

Sports Complex Sergey I. Mashanov +7(3412)68-42-87 V-123
Theoretical Fundamentals of Physical Training Andrey A. Rayzikh +7(3412)91-62-83 V-116
Medical and Biological Basics of Physical Training Natalia I. Shlyk +7(3412)68-58-10 V- 103

Study programmes:




Research Focus

Scientific School 'Heart rythm and vegetative regulation types' (Prof. Dr. Natalia I. Shlyk)

This fundamental research is based on development and experimental justification of individual vegtative regulation type assessment, in accordance with its peculiarities, adaptation mechanisms, stress level and pathology risks.

Scientific School 'Information technologies in Physical Training and Sports' (Prof. Dr. Pavel K. Petrov)

Major research direction is to develop software for pedagogical purposes and Multi Media education means on fundamental and innovative sports disciplines.