Changes in the New Academic Year 2020-2021

New Academic Year 2020-2021 The new academic year at UdSU begins on September 1, 2020. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a few changes in the study process are introduced this year:

1. The new class timetable:

  • Class 1 - 8.00-9.30
  • Class 2 - 9.40-11.10

Lunch break 30 minutes

  • Class 3 - 11.40-13.10
  • Class 4 - 13.20-14.50

Break between shifts 20 minutes

  • Class 5 - 15.10-16.40
  • Class 6 - 16.50-18.20
  • Class 7 - 18.30-20.00
  • Class 8 - 20.10-21.40

Students of different year of studies will start their daily studies in accordance with the following schedule:

  • First-year students - at 8.00
  • Second-year students - at 9.40
  • Third-year students - at 11.40
  • Fourth-year students - at 13.20
  • Fifth-year students - at 15.10

2. Study Mode
UdSU returns to off-line mode of teaching. However, international students that are enrolled at the university and currently cannot enter the Russian territory due to the closure of the borders will resume or continue their studies on-line.

3. Arrival of Foreign Citizens
In accordance with the decision of the Russian government, additional rules and measures shall apply to all foreign citizens arriving in Russia to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • All foreign citizens preparing for their departure for Russia must be tested for COVID-19. Testing must be done no earlier than three calendar days prior to arrival in Russia. A certificate confirming negative results of the COVID-19 test may be requested both when leaving your country and going through passport control in Russia.
  • All international students shall be subject to a 14-day self-isolation from the day of their entry to Russia. Students are only allowed to take part in classes after the completion of a 14-day self-isolation and having the COVID-19 test on the 10th-12th day.

4. Other COVID-19 preventive measures:

  • Each person entering the university campus buildings will be subject to temperature screening. Persons with such symptoms as coughing, fever, running nose will be denied entry.
  • Students, teachers, staff and visitors are obliged to wear masks on the university premises.
  • Hand sanitizers and hand cleaners will be available in all the campus buildings.
  • University premises will be thoroughly cleaned and all rooms and facilities will be disinfected. Classrooms and offices shall regularly be aired.