UdSU welcomes honoured guests from Uzbekistan

On November 18-20 our university was receiving delegation from Urgench State University (Uzbekistan) consisting of the University rector – Bakhrom Abdullaev, and the vice-rector for international affairs – Gairat Urazboev.

Udmurtia and UdSU celebrate Kalashnikov’s birthday!

The Udmurt State University has always been on the forefront of keeping and disseminating historical knowledge and legacy. To prove it further, on November 11 an online tour “I am a gunmaker” took place at the Kalashnikov’s museum to celebrate the 102nd birthday of the great Russian engineer Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was made possible by the joint efforts of the Udmurt State University and the museum staff.

UdSU Rector about international mission of the university

UdSU Rector Prof. Galina Merzlyakova gives interview (in Russian) to the "Business Reputation" journal in which she speaks about the mission, strategy and achievements of the university on the international arena, and its role in the development of the regional foreign policy.

UdSU in Priority-2030

Udmurt State University has become the only university in the Udmurt Republic that has passed the selection for the Priority-2030 program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

International admissions 2021: back to normal

The intake of international students at UdSU this year is a very reassuring compared to last year when many applicants could not come because of the COVID restrictions. Thus, the number of foreign freshmen this year approaches 200 and the applications are still coming.

«GoGreen with Russian»: final touches

International students, UdSU teaching and administrative staff gathered in the university library on August 20 to officially close the “GoGreen with Russian” summer school.

UdSU in SCImago Institutions Rankings

This year SCImago Institutions Rankings placed our university the 5th among Russian universities and 13th among higher educational institutions of the Eastern Europe in Mathematics subject area.

Fighting the plague of the 21st century together

Brain diseases, especially neurodegenerative ones, are gradually becoming some of the most widely spread around the world. Over 50 million people are suffering from them at the moment. And the tendency is really alarming. More and more people fall ill every year with Parkinson disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis. According to some forecasts the number of patients with these diseases may double by 2050.

UdSU on its way to inclusion

Inclusive education is much spoken about nowadays. The Udmurt State University is also putting efforts into making its educational environment suitable for people with special needs.