International Multilingual Week at UdSU

International Multilingual Week at UdSU

Today is the opening day of the UdSU annual signature event - the International Multilingual Week. This year it is held from March 1 to 5 within the framework of the university’s 90th anniversary celebrations.

The International Multilingual Week forum gathers specialists in the field of linguistic and multicultural education. This year they will be discussing such topics as application of innovative methods in teaching multiple foreign languages, use of digital technologies in language teaching, various aspects of intercultural and business communication, etc.

The forum comprises different formats such as seminars, discussions, round tables, open classes, workshops, lectures, presentation of recent research, interactive edutainment events for high school and university students. Full list of events with their description is available on the forum site. Some of the events can be followed online. Everyone can access them by completing the registration form here.

For a whole week the participants of the International Multilingual Week will be engaged in cross-cultural dialogue in Russian, Udmurt, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and other languages. Make your contribution!