International admissions 2021: back to normal

International admissions 2021: back to normal

The intake of international students at UdSU this year is a very reassuring compared to last year when many applicants could not come because of the COVID restrictions. Thus, the number of foreign freshmen this year approaches 200 and the applications are still coming.

The 3 questions defining the makeup of the international students body are: 1. Where they come from? 2. How they get to know about our university? 3. what programs they choose? Let's answer them one by one.

International students’ origins this year are surprisingly diverse: they represent all continents and some of the most remote (from Russia) corners of the world. To name a few, in 2021 we are welcoming students from the USA, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Spain, Yemen, Chili, Japan, India, Cuba, Hungary etc.

As usual, one of the most popular information channel from which international applicants learn about our university is the word of mouth: they get recommendations from their friends who are currently studying or have already graduated from UdSU. Other important sources include educational recruitment agencies, a 'quota’ places allocated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, web-search on various educational portals and platforms.

As regards the study programmes, Russian as a foreign language course is on high demand again. As a rule, students who choose this course come to Russia to do some bachelor programme. As they do not have prior knowledge of Russian they spend a year studying the language and doing a preparatory course before applying for a bachelor programme. As of now almost 70 students opted for the Russian course at UdSU. And over 120 students have come from abroad to study one of the 240 bachelor and master programmes offered by our university. Admission numbers indicate that the most sought-after careers in the world today are in such areas as IT and mathematics, technological safety, oil and gas engineering, linguistics.

We wish our international freshmen smooth adjustment to new environment and academic success!