“Open the World with UdSU!”

On November, 13, 2019 four UdSU students paid a visit to the Izhevsk School #90 in the framework of the UdSU project “Open the World with UdSU” initiated by the International and Public Relations Office. The project is aimed to provide high school pupils of Izhevsk with information on international experiences which are available for UdSU students. This might help our university to attract more talented and highly motivated school graduates.

One of the great possibilities UdSU gives to its students is participation in various academic exchange programs. At the meeting school children learned about two academic exchange programs: “The Chinese Language and Culture” at Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Wuhan, China) and the program of university in Republic of Korea – University of Keimyung. Students of the UdSU Institute of Language and Literature who participated in these programs in 2018-2019 academic year shared their experience of studying abroad, answered pupil’s questions, radiating with enthusiasm and joy.

No doubt, these programs are very beneficial for students: they provide students with language practice, professional and personal development, cultural enrichment, and it is far from the end of the list.

Additionally, Cho Young Shik, an UdSU student from Republic of Korea majoring in the Russian language, also attended the meeting. Young Shik spoke on the reasons why he had chosen to study at UdSU, and shared his impressions of the university.

Open the World with UdSU Open the World with UdSU Open the World with UdSU Open the World with UdSU