Project for the Bioprocessing of Organic Waste is a Finalist of the Russian-Chinese program

An internship at the Beijing Forestry University completed six months of training for employees of the Udmurt State University and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Udmurtia within the framework of the “Russian-Chinese program for training specialists in the development and implementation of natural-climate projects and work in carbon markets.” The program included three full-time modules in Moscow and Veliky Novgorod, two internships at carbon test sites in Tyumen and Irkutsk, a series of remote lectures by Chinese specialists, and full-time training in China.

The project, developed by UdSU scientists, is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint left by organic matter decomposing in landfills. In order to significantly reduce it, experts propose creating a network of enterprises where the disposal of organic waste will be carried out with the help of black soldier fly larvae.

The fly larvae themselves are of particular value, as they contain valuable proteins, fats and a full range of amino acids. They are well absorbed by animals and can become a significant help in solving problems in poultry farming, fisheries and livestock farming.

This insect cannot fly and is not considered a pest - like earthworms, its larvae play an important role in the decomposition of organic substrates. As a result of waste processing by this fly, a number of valuable products are formed, including vermicompost. It is actively used by many countries when planting artificial plantings.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Government of the country and the Russian Environmental Operator, together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, to develop measures to support the introduction of products using recycled materials,” says Minister of Natural Resources Denis Udalov. – Scientists in our republic are actively working in this direction: a research and production site has been created at Udmurt State University, where all stages of organic processing technology have already been developed within the framework of a new project: from an insectarium for breeding flies and larvae to obtaining a product on a production line for drying and disinfection. All necessary tests and official registration of the resulting products have also been carried out.”

For many years the Udmurt Republic has been exceeding the indicators of the national project “Ecology”. Over the 10 months of 2023, more than 67% of the waste generated in the republic was sorted, while 45% is required to meet the national project target. This is also facilitated by the use of innovative technologies - for example, an optical waste sorter based on artificial intelligence was launched at the waste sorting station in Glazov.

Galina Merzlyakova, Rector of Udmurt State University saisd: “First of all, I would like to congratulate our participants on the successful completion of the program, to thank the Government of Udmurtia and the Republican Ministry of Natural Resources for their cooperation in this field. This is an important research topic for us, since the project on bioprocessing of organic waste is one of the major ones in the development program of our university within the framework of the Priority 2030 program. Over the past 2 years, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Udmurtia, industrial and academic partners, we have developed new technologies in this area, purchased equipment, created and launched a research and production site. The fact that our project is in the final of the Russian-Chinese program and aroused great interest among participating universities and experts once again confirms the relevance of the problem and the proposed solutions. We believe that the implementation of the program is a significant step in the development of the waste recycling industry in our republic.” (Source: "www.udmurt.ru")

Project for the Bioprocessing of Organic Waste is a Finalist of the Russian-Chinese program 1 Project for the Bioprocessing of Organic Waste is a Finalist of the Russian-Chinese program 2 Project for the Bioprocessing of Organic Waste is a Finalist of the Russian-Chinese program 3

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