Rector’s Congratulations on the Commencement of the New Academic Year

Congratulations on the Commencement of the New Academic Year

Dear professors and students of Udmurt State University!

I would like to extend my congratulations on the commencement of the new academic year!

The 1st September or the Knowledge Day is a symbol of new beginnings and ideas, prospects and opportunities. I am sure that we will have an interesting academic year, full of various events, full of achievements and successes! I wish you happiness, good luck and professional growth, study and work with pleasure!

My special congratulations are to first year students! You have become students of one of the leading universities in the Udmurt Republic! You will have an interesting and rich student life ahead! Various scientific, creative and sports events, participation in conferences and Olympiads, academic mobilities, volunteer activities and much more are waiting for you. Believe in yourself, work hard and keep up with the traditions of our university! Use every opportunity given to you to become competent specialists and true professionals in the chosen field.

Addressing senior students, I would like to wish them further achievements in their studies, research, sports and social life. Always remember that the university is proud of you and your success!

I sincerely congratulate all the faculty members of the university! Your everyday work and high professionalism are the key to high quality education at Udmurt State University. We all bear a great responsibility for the upbringing of a new generation of future professionals, spiritually rich people and worthy citizens. I wish you success in teaching and research, in improving your professional skills, new creative ideas and their constant implementation!

Sincerely yours,

Galina Merzlyakova
UdSU Rector, professor