Rector’s Congratulations on the New Year

Rector’s Congratulations on the New Year

The university lives a busy life, develops scientific and innovative activities, expands international relations and improves its facilities. All the achievements are not accidental, since our university has the main thing - a wonderful team of teachers, staff and talented students. I am convinced that our joint work will be successfully continued in 2024, as the university team has already proven that it is capable of solving difficult tasks aimed at modernization of the higher education, when maximum responsibility and professionalism is required from all of us.

The New Year is a time of good hopes and joyful expectations, a starting point for new projects and ideas. Let them become a successful continuation of the endeavors of the outgoing year, bring us confidence and optimism, good luck and success!

I extend my congratulations to everyone on the Happy New Year. I wish you good health, peace and love, fortitude and optimism, creative discoveries and new perspectives!

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