UdSU International Conference on the Strategies of Intercultural Interaction in the Context of the Global Educational Space

On November 28, 2022 the IX International Scientific and Practical Conference "Strategies of Intercultural Interaction in the Context of the Global Educational Space: Experiences and Prospects" was held within the framework of the strategic academic leadership program "Priority-2030" at UdSU.

The conference was organized by the UdSU Institute of Language and Literature and the UdSU Institute of Udmurt Philology, Finno-Ugric Studies and Journalism. The conference participants discussed a wide range of issues related to various aspects of the interaction of educational spaces in modern society. The focus of the review was on the introduction of modern digital technologies and pedagogical innovations in the educational process, the problems of finding effective methods for the formation of foreign language communicative competence that allows adequate participation in real intercultural communication in different communication situations, features of intercultural communication in the network space and the media.

The main directions of the conference were:

  • Problems and prospects of international cooperation in the field of academic mobility.
  • Forms and means of organizing international cooperation at the university.
  • Russian and foreign languages in intercultural communication.
  • Problems and prospects of studying Russian as a foreign language at the university.
  • Language and culture: the relationship of concepts.
  • Linguistic and cultural dynamics in modern languages.
  • Intercultural communication in the Internet and mass media.
  • Active processes in modern languages: semantic and functional aspects.
  • Promising areas and topical issues in teaching foreign languages for professional purposes.
  • Problems and opportunities of digitalization of teaching Russian and foreign languages.

The purpose of the conference is to identify trends in the development of intercultural education in the short term, to unite the scientific interests of specialists engaged in the study of the dynamics of the development of modern languages, the study of language and speech in various aspects and topical issues of the use of modern methods and technologies in the practice of teaching foreign languages. The conference is held annually at UdSU. This tradition was laid by an outstanding scientist and academic, a specialist in the field of humanization of education, didactic support of the educational process, development of students' communicative competence, Professor Galina Trofimova.

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