UdSU eco-summer school project “GoGreen with Russian” gets DAAD grant support!


German academic exchange service DAAD holds an annual contest among Russian higher education institutions for the best international summer school projects. DAAD supports the winners’ projects by providing scholarships to students and organizing recruitment campaigns. Thus, German students get a chance to acquaint themselves with the Russian educational system, Russian language, and upgrade their professional skills. This year the project proposal of the Udmurt State University became one of the winners.

The grant project of our university is called «GoGreen with Russian»/ It is a combined scientific-oriented and language summer course pursuing multiple purpose: studying sustainability issues, improving environmental performance of the participants, introducing one of the greenest locations of Russia – Udmurtia, and mastering the Russian language alongside.

The summer school project takes advantage of the innovative research having been conducted at UdSU since 2016 within the framework of such programmes as UN’s “Air of Europe”, programmes run by the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Udmurt Republic, DAAD, Erasmus Mundus, and Fulbright. The research is yielding tangible results, one of them being the Volunteer League “We are for separate waste collection!” created with the mission of educating general public about responsible environmental behavior.

Another perk for the prospective students is the abundant nature of the Udmurt region offering great possibilities for outdoor activities - birds watching, star-gazing, hitch-hiking, and cycling - in some of the most picturesque locations such as Nechkinsky nature reserve.

Studying Russian language is another goal of the programme. International students are going to take advantage of the time-proven efficient methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language used by UdSU lecturers, as well as chat clubs with native speakers.

The social programme includes an environmental city tour, an eco-souvenir master-class in the “Ludorvay” open-air ethnographic museum and a must-have visit to the birthplace of the great Russian composer Petr Tchaikovsky.

We are looking forward to welcoming our international guests in Izhevsk in August 2021!

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