UdSU enters US-Russia University Virtual Partner Program

UdSU enters US-Russia University Virtual Partner Program

The joint project proposal of the Udmurt State University and South Dakota State University has recently been announced the winner of the University Virtual Partner Program. Seven other US-Russian projects received grant support within the program.

Sociologists at SDSU and UdSU have been connected for many years thanks to Fulbright-sponsored faculty residencies, and informal networks of support from these Fulbright exchanges have led to publications as well as curricular and research initiatives that draw upon our institutions’ comparable geographic placements and our demographic similarities and contrasts. The proposed project builds upon these relationships to organize joint research of cultural mapping methods and develop a framework for virtual activities that engage students from both universities in collaborative work in different fields of study.

On UdSU part, the Vice-Director for International Affairs of the Institute of History and Sociology Tatiana Vlasova is coordinating the project. Students majoring in sociology or humanities, and their faculty are invited to collaborate on the project.

Participation in the UniVIP program will help to revitalize and further develop partnership relations between UdSU and SDSU.