UdSU in the National Aggregate Ranking of Russian Universities

UdSU in the National Aggregate Ranking of Russian Universities

Udmurt State University has been included in the 2nd league of the National Aggregate Ranking among the best Russian universities.

The rating was created by the Guild of Experts in the Field of Vocational Education together with the National Innovation Support Foundation. The National Aggregate Ranking has been published for the sixth time. This year, the ranking included more than 600 educational institutions.

The methodology is based on 12 rankings that meet the requirements of publicity (full information is available in the public domain), stability, mass scale and periodicity:

  1. National University Ranking – Interfax
  2. Rating “First Mission” (based on the project “Best educational programs in innovative Russia”)
  3. RAEX University Rankings
  4. Hirsch index ranking
  5. University Performance Monitoring Ranking
  6. Ranking 'Quality Evaluation in Education'
  7. Ranking based on professional and public accreditation
  8. Ranking 'International Recognition'
  9. Forbes rating
  10. Rating "National Recognition"
  11. Superjob rating
  12. HeadHunter Rating

The results are available at udsu.ru/news/show/udgu-v-natsionalnom-agregirovannom-rejtinge-3

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