UdSU on a virtual visit in Beirut

Today on April 30 our university paid a virtual visit to the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut (Lebanon)

For the first time UdSU was presented by our international Arab-speaking students in their native language.

Our university has long experience in hosting Arab-speaking students. The best proof is that they outnumber any other international student communities here. Furthermore, this community has such importance for UdSU that Arabic version of the university official portal was launched along with a Face book page.

UdSU was presented in Beirut by six students of the Oil and Gas Institute. They shared the impression of studying here, told about challenges of studying Russian and adjusting to new lifestyle and weather conditions, took the guests on the tour of university campus and the city, showed them such places as training ground for future oil engineers, university library, sports center, dormitories etc.

The event broadcast is available here

бейрут 1 бейерут 2