UdSU welcomes international applicants online

Many summers in a row UdSU welcomes not just domestic, but also international applicants who come form Uzbek Republic Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and many other world countries - the list includes 32 different names at the moment.

Judging by statistics, higher education programs in one of the 766 Russian university are on high demand among school-leavers in CIS countries. However, the universities have to do their best to attract the most motivated and talented international applicants.

It takes concerted and sustained efforts of numerous university divisions - Admissions Board, International and Public Relations Office, university and institutes administrative staff, etc. - to provide the most complete and up-to-date information about our university to potential students from near and far abroad. So far, the recruitment strategy involved international online olympiads for CIS high school students, participation in educational fairs abroad, visits of official delegations to foreign schools and universities, regular updates of pages on UdSU portal intended for international applicants and students.

Open Day format is another way to concisely and graphically make a point about reasons to choose our university, about academic, social, cultural and self-development opportunities we can offer to international students. And the online delivery mode imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak is a win-win in this case: within just an hour the event ticked all the essential boxes. Thus, the guest could meet the university rector, learn about steps to admission and special features of this year's campaign, get a grasp of UdSU academic programs and the career paths they lead to, enjoy a new scenic promo-video, and get immediate answers to their question.

Over 200 views is a number which proves that organizers' efforts were not spared in vain. And the fact that many of the guests are the same people who participated in this year's online olympiad speaks of their strong motivation to apply to UdSU.

The event's record is available here.